Thursday, September 24, 2009

Geeky thinking an "Email Guideline"

      Big article this time. Too big to paste in here. Therefore, please click on the following link!

Geeky thinking an "Email Guideline"

      It is about:

      How do you use email? Email is certainly eating a high percentage of our life. For some it becomes the main way of expressing themselves in relation with others. For some it becomes the activity that they spent most of their active life with.

      Then, what do you do to keep it organized and efficient? Do you think you are efficient enough? Think again. It is always about establishing the point of reference: are you more efficient that others? Are they efficient? Can you be more efficient with this activity? What do you do to improve?

      I’ve been seeing companies that get drown in email exchange. I’ve been seeing initiatives that get killed due to email inefficiency. I’ve been seeing relationships that got broken due to assumptions both parties made when communicating by emails.

      I don’t know how efficient emailing should look like, but hey, who am I after all? Feel free to teach me!

      Open the file posted HERE and read the “Email Guideline” I’ve been initiated during a collaboration with some corporation.

      You might not find the answers to the questions above but it certainly helped me to get some order in emailing.

      Rules might vary a lot from one corporation to another and it is only about corporate culture. If for some, the rules here might be rubbish, for others might be enlightening. They worked for me and for the contractor using them.

      If they are useless to you, keep just one general idea: make no assumptions, email communication can be efficient or can lead to massive and costly waste. Not everyone acknowledge that, but without a clearly enforced email guideline, a company might loose up to 30 minutes per person per day. Think about a 300 persons company, loosing 30 minutes / day per person. That means 150 man-hours per day lost, that means 3000 man-hours per month lost. At a rate of 30 EUR / hour company costs per employee, that leads to 90,000 EUR per month lost, therefore a million a year. Wooohaaa!

      Ok, so you don’t actually lose 30 minutes a day, maybe an email guideline will only bring you an average of 5 minutes a day per resource. That represents a virtual increase of efficiency or a saving of about 180,000 EUR. Still motivating for me to get this thing going. Think about the minutes cumulated as work, you turn wasted time in productive time. If email usage efficiency will get you 30 minutes more during a day you can certainly address a 30 minutes task that can make more than a 15 EUR cost saving for corporation, but can even have a serious impact.

      Feel free to comment or add to my email guideline. Here’s my knowledge sharing with you!

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